This blog is maintained by Monday Books, publishers of Theodore Dalrymple’s book SECOND OPINION – a book comprising Theodore Dalrymple’s columns as published under that name in the Spectator magazine.

In the main, they concern his experiences as a doctor at a fairly grim inner city hospital in England, and at the nearby prison.

Eventually we will publish the entire content of the book at this blog.

The idea, obviously, is that you will enjoy it and decide to order either the hardback or the eBook version, for which both we and Dr Dalrymple would be grateful.

(If you do want to buy SECOND OPINION you can do so direct from Monday Books, priced at £14.99, by following this link or by telephoning us. We dispatch orders for Theodore Dalrymple’s hardback titles free of postal charges to any address anywhere in the world. Please note, this only applies to Dalrymple hardback titles – we charge at cost for shipping any other titles outwith the UK.)

Of course, if you prefer you can just read the content here (though it will take a while for all the words to be uploaded).

Foreign rights for SECOND OPINION are still available. Please contact us for details.

Second Opinion

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